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Guidelines for Grid Connection Solar Power System

Steps to be Followed by Customer , Installer , Distribtor and Retailer

Customer   –  Everyone / Yourself

Installer     –  Thats us – Accredited CEC Installer -J L Electrics Pty Ltd

Retailer      –  Your Electricity Supply Authority eg. Origin energy/ Red Energy/AGL , ETC

Distributor – Company who owns/ maintains network and distribution assets

  • System Preliminary Design -Taking into account Customer Budget –  Customer /Installer

Installer to complete site analysis and design system in accordance with customers Budget and Electricity    Consumption in KWH / Daily usage  

   In Melbourne on an average solar system can produces around  

   1kw – 4.5kwh/day  

   2kw  – 9kwh/day  

   3kw –  14kwh/day

  •  Contact Electricity Retailer and negotiate Feed In Tariff Rates & Fees- Customer
  •  Obtain Distributor Installation Technical Requirement and standards – Installer
  •  Application for network connection of small generation power throughan approved inverter energy system      with design and dawings for approval – Installer
  • Customer Rights and Obligations – Installer / Ditributor /Retailer.
  • System Installation and commissioning and Inspection – Installer / Electrical Inspector
  • Submit Electrical Works Request and copy of Certificate of Electrical safety to Retailer for Upgrading Metering to read both Import and Export Energy –    Installer
  • Upgrade Metering ( Cost to be paid my Customer)  – Retailer / Distributor

For a free no obligation quote please call us today or send us an E-Mail E: info@jlelectrics.com.au 9. Claim government Rebate and Renewable Energy Certificate value – Installer /Customer