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Photovoltaic systems on a commercial scale are investments that demand superior design and planning to ensure peak production and long-term reliability. J L Electrics has the expertise and depth of experience to design, engineer, install, and maintain your commercial solar system.

Turnkey Solar Installations

Complete photovoltaic systems, from planning to power

As a full service engineering, procurement and construction firm, we build high-performance systems to meet your financial goals, and ensure peak production and reliability throughout the lifetime of your pv solar system project.

We handle all elements of the design and building of your PV project. We have the experience to deliver cost-competitive and timely project solutions. Project management excellence and constant communication are the driving forces behind the successful completion of all our projects.

Design & Engineering Services

Innovative and expert photovoltaic projects

Experience is everything in engineering, and experience is what sets J L Electrics apart.

We understand that hard technical skills are important to deliver solutions, but the soft skills such as constant communication, teamwork, respect, and integrity keep a project moving forward on time and under budget.

Solar Operations & Maintenance

Peak production for years to come  

You can expect a solid return on your commercial solar investment and that your pv solar system will continue producing photovoltaic power for many years.

Ongoing solar power system care and attention is vital to deliver the optimal performance and maximum energy production. We understand the harsh environmental impacts on solar power systems.

We also understand the effects of elements such as module breakage, theft, lightning, or weather damage. We provide ongoing system inspections, and operations and maintenance (O&M) services for a properly functioning system. We can manage the O&M for single sites or an entire catalog of sites for our clients.