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  • Buy directly from manufacturer and save on total system cost
  • All component after sales and service provided by Manufacturer & Integrator
  • All component warranties are fully backed by Manufacturer (ASM, Victoria)
  • Solar Modules tested to IEC standards; IEC 61215 & IEC 61730 by TUV Rheinland, Japan (Yokohama Testing Centre)
  • City of Casey – 2010 Manufacturer of the Year
  • 18.60 – 18.80% cell efficiency
  • Designed and made by Australian Engineers for tough Australian conditions
  • Provides employment to local Australians and Apprentices trained into solar photovoltaic manufacturing and integration
  • Manufacturing since November, 2009
  • Consumers are welcome to visit Factory and see assembly process

   FRONIUS INVERTER (Made In Austria)

  • Fronius has been developing innovative solar power inverter systems since 1992 in Austria, resulting in highly functional mains-connected inverters set to optimize solar module performance.
  •  Fronius makes grid-connected solar inverters for systems of all sizes that work reliably and efficiently in all Australian conditions
  • Fronius has set up facility with stock and engineers to provide after sales and services from their new facility at Tullamarine, Victoria.


Mounting Systems give you an opportunity to increase the pitching of your panels to optimise their potential. They fasten the panels in place to roof.

Our mounting systems are manufactured exclusively of aluminium, stainless steel and advanced composites which ensure a long service life and complete recyclability.

  • All required cabling, signage, and electrical components
  • End-to-end installation by CEC Accredited Installers
  • Final Design by Accredited Engineers
  • Professional Project Management
  • Project & System documentation Technical Support



Residential Solar installation

  • We offer personalised service with a free home or site assessment and tailor a solar energy system to suit your individual needs.
  • We use only premium solar panels manufactured by reputable company, Australian Solar Manufacturing Pty Ltd whose 25 year power output warranties are held in Australia. These solar panels are Australian made and manufactured in Melbourne.
  •  J L Electrics is the distributor of ASM Solar Modules offering the most efficient solar panels inthe world.
  •  We use the highest efficiency inverters, in most cases SMA & Fronius, the world leaders in inverter technology.
  •  Full project management including organising the Solar Credits, STCs (formerly known as RECs) and/or government rebate.
  • We use fully certified and engineered solar panel mounting systems that carry a 10 year warranty.
  •  Our Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited solar electricians are on site at every solar power installation to ensure a quality investment at your home.
  •  We offer an industry leading workmanship warranty of 10 years on solar electricity installations.


Photovoltaic systems on a commercial scale are investments that demand superior design and planning to ensure peak production and long-term reliability. J L Electrics has the expertise and depth of experience to design, engineer, install, and maintain your commercial solar system.

Turnkey Solar Installations

Complete photovoltaic systems, from planning to power

As a full service engineering, procurement and construction firm, we build high-performance systems to meet your financial goals, and ensure peak production and reliability throughout the lifetime of your pv solar system project.

We handle all elements of the design and building of your PV project. We have the experience to deliver cost-competitive and timely project solutions. Project management excellence and constant communication are the driving forces behind the successful completion of all our projects.

Design & Engineering Services

Innovative and expert photovoltaic projects

Experience is everything in engineering, and experience is what sets J L Electrics apart.

We understand that hard technical skills are important to deliver solutions, but the soft skills such as constant communication, teamwork, respect, and integrity keep a project moving forward on time and under budget.

Solar Operations & Maintenance

Peak production for years to come  

You can expect a solid return on your commercial solar investment and that your pv solar system will continue producing photovoltaic power for many years.

Ongoing solar power system care and attention is vital to deliver the optimal performance and maximum energy production. We understand the harsh environmental impacts on solar power systems.

We also understand the effects of elements such as module breakage, theft, lightning, or weather damage. We provide ongoing system inspections, and operations and maintenance (O&M) services for a properly functioning system. We can manage the O&M for single sites or an entire catalog of sites for our clients.

Operations & Maintenance for Commercial Solar Energy

Solar energy now and for years to come 

Your photovoltaic systems (PV solar) is extremely low maintenance compared to traditional energy generation. Studies indicate that your system will produce more than 12% additional energy when a rigorous operations and maintenance program is followed.

Emergency Response

If your PV system stops working or is limping along, how will you know? At our highest level of O&M services, we guarantee an emergency response time to the site to get it operating optimally as fast as possible.

Daily Solar Energy Monitoring

Your photovoltaic systems operation is transparent. You will receive an immediate notice from our operations center if any unexpected changes to solar energy production occur. Our monitoring center will check for daily solar energy production meets expectations.

Array Cleaning

Regular solar array cleaning and edge debris removal protects the photovoltaic array and ensures your return on investment. On average, regular solar array cleaning will increase annual solar energy production by five to ten percent.

Visual Inspections

Your ground-mount solar array needs to have proper vegetation management and water drainage over time to maintain optimal output. Roof-mount solar arrays require periodic inspection of the rooftop membrane and sealing around any roof penetrations.

System Testing

Our four-point preventative maintenance testing of your inverters is conducted under the guidance of the manufacturer. Regular inverter maintenance ensures continuous operation by verifying proper cooling to the electronics and a proper weather tight seal against environmental elements.

Commercial Solar Engineering

Photovoltaic power on time, and within budget

Your commercial solar or utility-scale solar project needs experienced hands. With more than 10 years experience in completing PV design projects in operation, we deliver solar power energy to the grid, guided by accurate technical decisions and the most current technical information available.

Our diverse background and broad history with photovoltaic systems is the foundation from which we work to deliver your photovoltaic project. Experience is everything for an engineer, and experience is what sets J L Electrics apart. We have the hard technical skills which are important to deliver solutions, and we understand that soft skills such as constant communication, teamwork, respect, and integrity keep a project moving forward on time and within budget.

You’ll find our construction plans present design and installation details in a clear, concise format. The sequential drawing layers are a visual instruction manual—enabling you to secure customer approvals, obtain permits, and manage construction teams with maximum efficiency.

Please contact us on 03 9798 3895 or email info@jlelectrics.com.au for a quote to suit your requirements.