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Solar Isolators for Photovoltaic

Solar Isolators (SI) are switch gears for interupting the DC/AC-Inverter from the solar-panels.

Photovoltaic-installations have to be equipped with DC-isolators according to IEC 60364-7-712/ IEC 60947. Switch disconnectors (SI) ensures a reliable switching up to 32A with 1000V in the category DC21B.

The construction of the contacts and the material selection guarantee that no oxidation (small switching frequency) develops, and is thus prevented inadmissible heating-up.The switching speed at the manually operated handle does not have an effect on the switching attitude of the contacts.

ASM/SANTON 2 & 4 POLE D.C Isolator

Model – ASM-XA100.16D2H-H (2Pole) &  ASMXA100.16D4H-H (4Pole)

  • Rating – 10A -1200Vdc,16A -1000Vdc, 20A – 850Vdc, 25A – 800Vdc
  • Tested and Certified to IEC 60947 – Utilization category DC21B
  • Tested and approved by CB Scheme – KEMA EUR (Netherlands)
  • Operating temperature ambient + 40 degree Celsius (-20 degree Celsius to + 70 degree Celsius)
  • Enclosure designed and “Made In Australia” by ASM using SANTON (Holland) D.C Switches
  • Santon switch has a spring mechanism that generates a very high switching speed (2.3ms) independent of the speed of turning knob
  • Switch comes with Padlockable in OFF position (5 o’ clock)
  • Knob interlocking – ON position, preventing enclosure access, needs to be switched OFF in order to access inside of enclosure/switch.
  • IP65 rating – Silicone gasket (200 degree Celsius operating temperature) preventing water/moisture/dust entering inside enclosure.
  • 2 Pole – 1 MPPT/Single string configuration
  • 4 Pole – 2 MPPT/Dual string configuration, contacts in series/parallel increases current/voltage to achieve a higher rated (Isc/Voc) string, please read instruction manual before installing, contact manufacturer if in doubt of any ratings.
  • Stainless steel screws for enclosure cover/lid mount
  • External mounting provisions – no internal drilling or mount required, prevents water/moisture entering.

Switch comes in different configuration

  •  All conduit or adaptor entry – 20mm, 25mm, 32mm (Standard)
  •  MCIV connector type connections – “QUICKCONNECT”, 2 Pole/4Pole, (Custom Made) to customers     specification, please provide details when ordering.
  • Cable gland entry – 4-6mm cable gland provided upon order request.(Custom Made)

Patent Pending (US,Europe, Australia)by SANTON HOLLAND

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