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Solar Isolators for Photovoltaic

Solar Isolators (SI) are switch gears for interupting the DC/AC-Inverter from the solar-panels.

Photovoltaic-installations have to be equipped with DC-isolators according to IEC 60364-7-712/ IEC 60947. Switch disconnectors (SI) ensures a reliable switching up to 32A with 1000V in the category DC21B.

The construction of the contacts and the material selection guarantee that no oxidation (small switching frequency) develops, and is thus prevented inadmissible heating-up.The switching speed at the manually operated handle does not have an effect on the switching attitude of the contacts.

ASM/SANTON 2 & 4 POLE D.C Isolator

Model – ASM-XA100.16D2H-H (2Pole) &  ASMXA100.16D4H-H (4Pole)

  • Rating – 10A -1200Vdc,16A -1000Vdc, 20A – 850Vdc, 25A – 800Vdc
  • Tested and Certified to IEC 60947 – Utilization category DC21B
  • Tested and approved by CB Scheme – KEMA EUR (Netherlands)
  • Operating temperature ambient + 40 degree Celsius (-20 degree Celsius to + 70 degree Celsius)
  • Enclosure designed and “Made In Australia” by ASM using SANTON (Holland) D.C Switches
  • Santon switch has a spring mechanism that generates a very high switching speed (2.3ms) independent of the speed of turning knob
  • Switch comes with Padlockable in OFF position (5 o’ clock)
  • Knob interlocking – ON position, preventing enclosure access, needs to be switched OFF in order to access inside of enclosure/switch.
  • IP65 rating – Silicone gasket (200 degree Celsius operating temperature) preventing water/moisture/dust entering inside enclosure.
  • 2 Pole – 1 MPPT/Single string configuration
  • 4 Pole – 2 MPPT/Dual string configuration, contacts in series/parallel increases current/voltage to achieve a higher rated (Isc/Voc) string, please read instruction manual before installing, contact manufacturer if in doubt of any ratings.
  • ure entering.

Switch comes in different configuration

  •  All conduit or adaptor entry – 20mm, 25mm, 32mm (Standard)
  •  MCIV connector type connections – “QUICKCONNECT”, 2 Pole/4Pole, (Custom Made) to customers     specification, please provide details when ordering.
  • Cable gland entry – 4-6mm cable gland provided upon order request.(Custom Made)

Patent Pending (US,Europe, Australia)by SANTON HOLLAND

first image2nd image


PART #: 276L1L485

earth lay 1earth lay 2


  • Copper Lay-in Grounding Lug
  • Tin Plated
  • Stainless Steel (M5 x 20mm) Bolt & Nut
  • Star Washer
  • 14-4 AWG conductor
  • Stainless screws suitable for direct burial/outdoor use
  • Ideal for continuous grounding for solar PV panels
  • Corrosion resistant
  • UL Certification

Fire fighter Safety Switch

  • Maximizing firefighter safety
  • Specially designed for solar industry
  • Independent string disconnection Different configurations for maximum
  • safety
  •  For small and large installations
  • For home and professional use
  • Based on proven Santon Packet DC
  • SwitchgearIntegration with fire alarm system
  • Emergency switches from 16 Amp to 1000 Amp
  • Cost-efficient solution

IP67 ZJRH Connectors 05-06

IP67 ZJRHconnectors 05-06 connector/cable assembly is designed for solar system interconnection to DC/AC inverter, which are of durable quality and for easy operation. These connectors are designed to permit time-saving, dependable series cabling of solar panels that are free-standing or integrated into building.The connectors can be assembled in a variety of configuration.

IP67 ZJRH Female Connector              IP67 ZJRH Male Connector                                       RADOX CABLE      

06f                         06m                             connector

276ZJRH05-06F                                                    276ZJRH05-06M                                                  276SCBL4MM-01


Grid-connected inverters

Solar energy is converted into electricity and fed into the public grid. Efficient, reliable, high power inverters form the heart of any PV system. In the development of PV inverters, Fronius has thought out new technologies, searched for innovative solutions, and has found completely new answers. The result: Highly functional mains-connected inverters, which interact optimally with all solar modules.

 Fronius IG

The reliable series of PV inverters.

Maximum flexibility with Fronius IG. The PV inverter family works brilliantly with all solar panels available on the market. The ingenious processor control and a large number of other enhancements makes them into perfect all-rounders. They work reliably and efficiently in every class thanks to Fronius’ incredible experience and decades of research and development.

The Weatherproof (Outdoor) IG15/20/30/40/60HV

The Fronius IG Outdoors has been created specially for use in the open air and has been tested to an IP45 degree of protection. This ensures a continuous circulation of air that prevents condensation from collecting. The inverter is also protected against the entrance of solid particles and hose water.

   IG 15/20/30 Indoor unit                                    IG 15/20/30/40/60HV Outdoor Unit

IG 15tIG 60

Launches NEW Solar PV Arc Detection Unit (ADU) Protect your solar system today!

Arc Fault Detection Unit

arc fault detection

For home and professional use

Detection of arc faults

For DIN rail and wall mounting

Visible and acoustic arc indication

Developed acc. UL1699B

Supplied loose or in PV boxes

Easy to install

Integration with external safety systems

For new and existing installations


Arc Fault

arc fault

An arc-fault occurs when loose or corroded connections make intermittent contact and causes sparking or arcing between the connections.


This translates into heat, which will break down the insulation of the wire and is in most cases the trigger for an electrical fire.


By detecting arc faults and resolving the cause in an early stage, a possible fire and a lot of damage can be prevented.


Techinical Specification

technical specification


  • Operational voltage:24V DC (+/-10%)
  • Current consumption:0.2 Amp
  • Operational durability:> 10 years
  • Operating temperature:-20°C to +70°C
  • Storage temperature:-40°C to +85°C
  • Category:PV AFD – Type 1 (UL1699B)
  • Maximum rated voltage:1000V DC
  • Number of poles:1 pole
  • Advised cable size:6 mm2
  • Maximum cable size:10 mm2
  • Weight:200g
  • DIN rail mounting:DIN Rail TS35
  • Wall mounting:M4 mounting holes

Arc Fault Definition


A device that is intended to interrupt power delivered to an arcing fault when an arcing fault is detected by the AFCI.


A device that is intended to provide arcing protection by enabling an interruption or shorting device to interrupt power delivered to an arcing fault.


A device that is intended to interrupt a detected arcing fault. The device is generally enabled by another device which detects arcing, such an arc-fault detector.


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