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                 Industrial Electrical Work

Main Switch Board / Distribution Boards

  • Design & Build Custom / Standard Main Switchboard With CT Metering.
  • Build Distribution Boards , Pillar Box -with Current Limiter , Control Panel.
  • Bus Bar Work in Workshop & also Site Installation -Building Mains.
  • Using Local manufactured Components ie. circuit breakers,bus bar , contactors , fault current limmiters ,relay’s ,current transformers etc.
  • Custom Design metering panel for multi-storey buildings- from 100A
  • Installation & Commission Switchboards on site.

PLC Automation & Controls

  • Design Build Boards for PLC Automated Control-Turn key Operation
  • Associated Control Wiring & Component Layouts.
  • Emergency Stop relay’s and Associated Wiring
  • Variable Speed Drives- Connected through Profi-Bus to PLC
  • Auto Cad 14 -Itemised Drawings for all controls and scheduling
  • HMI touch screen control
  • Wiring in field Inputs -Digital & Analog Inputs adresss-DI 1.1/ AI1.1
  • Cable Numbering and circuit Identification

Machine Set up & Commission

  • Installation of different manufacturing Machines and its associated Electrics.
  • Installation of cable trays – stainless steel / galv .etc
  • .Run all different types of cables to Switchboards and in field Inputs ie. Isolators rotation sensors , infra red ray sensors, photocells , limit switches -Inductive ,temperature measuring devices-RTD’S ,thermocouple ,transducers
  • Termination of all conductors using ferrules /crimping lugs / proper tools.
  • Fitting off cable glands -Armoured and PVC/ XLPE cables.
  • Project Scheduling and time Management
  • Labour Hire and Budgets
  • Work place Occupational Health & Safety and Induction

Thermal Imaging

  • Safe and Easy way to Identify Problems & Reduce unplanned down time
  • Measure non-contact temperature images to quickly determine hot spots
  • Analyse Images through software and prepare reports for customers
  • Measure temperatures and images for hot spot areas like- Main Switchboards ,Distribution Boards ,Electric Motors ,Transformers ,H.V /L.V Terminations , Bus Bars ,Fuses etc.
  • The above images would show high temperature surface spots in different phases or un balanced phases ,loose connections , bad contact and these can be rectified before major blackouts or production shut down
  • Power Analyser – Measure kwhr / kvar / cosø / Ampere -phase Balance /frequency -Hz /Power Consumption (energy ) /Harmonics and inter harmonics / voltage drops

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