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Commercial Electrical Work

Tender and Pricing

  • Multi Level Apartment Building , Commercial Building , Schools , Townhouses , Industrial Building , Manufacturing , shopping outlets & Office buildings.
  • Price Projects & Prepare Tender Documentation for Construction Companies and Builders through Drawings supplied.
  • Site Visits and Inspections for Power Supply Mains and Liaise with Local Supply Authorities for Maximum Demand.
  • Using State of  Art Software for Pricing and maximum demand calculations for cable size and conduits keeping in mind temperature rise / de-rating factors.
  • Contract Compliance -Insurance Public Liability-$20 million , Workers Compensation , Motor Vehicle , Tools of Trades , EBA ( Electrical Trades Union Member since 1998 ) , Superannuation and Income Protection.

Electrical Projects -Construction ( New or Renovations )

  • Design and Build Main Switchboard & Distribution Boards
  • Run Mains Cable  3 Phase Neutral & Earth ( underground / Overhead )
  •  Main Earthing  to Building and Testing -Impedance / resistance
  • Internal & External Lighting and Control
  • Power Points Circuits and Outlets ( 240 volts / 415volts )
  • Emergency Exit Lighting and Associated Controls – Log Book / test
  • Telephone & Data Cabling and Connections – Telstra
  • MATV – Installation of Points and Test
  • Mechanical Services Mains and Test52 Weeks Defects Liability
  • Lodge Prescribed / Non- Prescribed Certificate of Electrical Safety to Relevant Authorities.( Energy Safe Victoria )
  • Temporary Site Wiring Power Supply for Project Duration
  • Surge Protection and Lighting Arrestors
  • Measure Light Intensity -LUX to Industry Standard -BCA & Upgrade.
  • All Work Complies to AS/NZ 3000/ 3008 & other relevant codes of Practice
  • .Thermoscan Switchboards and Data Analyzing for Engineers/ Consultants
  • .Test & Tag all Electrically Operated Tools and Equipment
  • Building Maintenance Contracts- General Lighting & Power
  • Shop and Restaurant Fit outs – Lights , Gpo’s , Telephone & Data , AC units , Heating.


Photovoltaic systems on a commercial scale are investments that demand superior design and planning to ensure peak production and long-term reliability. J L Electrics has the expertise and depth of experience to design, engineer, install, and maintain your commercial solar system.

Turnkey Solar Installations

Complete photovoltaic systems, from planning to power

As a full service engineering, procurement and construction firm, we build high-performance systems to meet your financial goals, and ensure peak production and reliability throughout the lifetime of your pv solar system project.We handle all elements of the design and building of your PV project. We have the experience to deliver cost-competitive and timely project solutions. Project management excellence and constant communication are the driving forces behind the successful completion of all our projects.

Design & Engineering Services

Innovative and expert photovoltaic projects

Experience is everything in engineering, and experience is what sets J L Electrics apart.

We understand that hard technical skills are important to deliver solutions, but the soft skills such as constant communication, teamwork, respect, and integrity keep a project moving forward on time and under budget.

Solar Operations & Maintenance

Peak production for years to come

You can expect a solid return on your commercial solar investment and that your pv solar system will continue producing photovoltaic power for many years.

Ongoing solar power system care and attention is vital to deliver the optimal performance and maximum energy production. We understand the harsh environmental impacts on solar power systems.

We also understand the effects of elements such as module breakage, theft, lightning, or weather damage. We provide ongoing system inspections, and operations and maintenance (O&M) services for a properly functioning system. We can manage the O&M for single sites or an entire catalog of sites for our clients.

  Industrial Electrical Work

Main Switch Board / Distribution Boards

  • Design & Build Custom / Standard Main Switchboard With CT Metering.
  • Build Distribution Boards , Pillar Box -with Current Limiter , Control Panel.
  • Bus Bar Work in Workshop & also Site Installation -Building Mains.
  • Using Local manufactured Components ie. circuit breakers,bus bar , contactors , fault current limmiters ,relay’s ,current transformers etc.
  • Custom Design metering panel for multi-storey buildings- from 100A
  • Installation & Commission Switchboards on site.

PLC Automation & Controls

  • Design Build Boards for PLC Automated Control-Turn key Operation
  • Associated Control Wiring & Component Layouts.
  • Emergency Stop relay’s and Associated Wiring
  • Variable Speed Drives- Connected through Profi-Bus to PLC
  • Auto Cad 14 -Itemised Drawings for all controls and scheduling
  • HMI touch screen control
  • Wiring in field Inputs -Digital & Analog Inputs adresss-DI 1.1/ AI1.1
  • Cable Numbering and circuit Identification

Machine Set up & Commission

  • Installation of different manufacturing Machines and its associated Electrics.
  • Installation of cable trays – stainless steel / galv .etc
  • .Run all different types of cables to Switchboards and in field Inputs ie. Isolators rotation sensors , infra red ray sensors, photocells , limit switches -Inductive ,temperature measuring devices-RTD’S ,thermocouple ,transducers
  • Termination of all conductors using ferrules /crimping lugs / proper tools.
  • Fitting off cable glands -Armoured and PVC/ XLPE cables.
  • Project Scheduling and time Management
  • Labour Hire and Budgets
  • Work place Occupational Health & Safety and Induction

Thermal Imaging

  • Safe and Easy way to Identify Problems & Reduce unplanned down time
  • Measure non-contact temperature images to quickly determine hot spots
  • Analyse Images through software and prepare reports for customers
  • Measure temperatures and images for hot spot areas like- Main Switchboards ,Distribution Boards ,Electric Motors ,Transformers ,H.V /L.V Terminations , Bus Bars ,Fuses etc.
  • The above images would show high temperature surface spots in different phases or un balanced phases ,loose connections , bad contact and these can be rectified before major blackouts or production shut down
  • Power Analyser – Measure kwhr / kvar / cosø / Ampere -phase Balance /frequency -Hz /Power Consumption (energy ) /Harmonics and inter harmonics / voltage drops
  • Domestic / Residential Electrical Work

    New Home Electrical Solution

    • Complete Electrical Wiring To Brand New Homes / Dwellings / Units .
    • Home Automation – Remote Touch Screen Control Panel Switching Lights Ceiling Fan , Audio /Video , Curtains , Big Screen Cinema Projection , Security gates etc.
    • Install Security System- Monitored – Camera and  Alarm
    • Provide Complete Home Inspection before and after Building for Power Savings Method – Energy Calculations -kwhr usage , selection of lights and other high energy consuming appliances.Savings up to $ 500 dollars Annually
    • Telephone and Data Cabling – Phone & Internet
    • Power Supply For Air -Conditioning Units and Evaporative coolers
    • Swimming Pool Lighting and Control for Pumps
    • Gardens & feature lighting
    • General lighting and power

      Maintenance and Renovations

    • Upgrade Switchboards – Safety Switches ( Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers )
    • Upgrade Mains Supply for Higher Maximum Demand
    • Upgrade Main Earthing System
    • Change old Wiring and Cables to new standards
    • Install additional Power Points and lights
    • Home safety Inspection*
    • Install ceiling fans , Exhaust fan
    • Run Mains supply for a/c units and coolers
    • Install censor security lights
    • Install down lights – fire safety shield
    • Temporary wiring for functions and party
    • Outside Lights
    • Weatherproof Power Points


    • We offer personalised service with a free home or site assessment and tailor a solar energy system to suit your individual needs.
    • We use only premium solar panels manufactured by reputable company, Australian Solar Manufacturing Pty Ltd whose 25 year power output warranties are held in Australia. These solar panels are Australian made and manufactured in Melbourne.
    • J L Electrics is the distributor of ASM Solar Modules offering the most efficient solar panels in the world.
    • We use the highest efficiency inverters, in most cases SMA & Fronius, the world leaders in inverter technology.
    • Full project management including organising the Solar Credits, STCs (formerly known as RECs) and/or government rebate.
    •   We use fully certified and engineered solar panel mounting systems that carry a 10 year warranty.
    • Our Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited solar electricians are on site at every solar power installation to ensure a quality investment at your home.
    • We offer an industry leading workmanship warranty of 10 years on solar electricity installations.